Custom Manufacturing & Private Labeling

Compare, Ingredient for Ingredient, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. manufactures products that are one better than the competition!

Why not allow us to custom manufacture and/or private label and package your products? We can satisfy almost any request, whether in tablet, capsule, powder, or liquid form.

With the GMP’s right around the corner, why not start getting into compliance now? Hi-Tech is a dynamic pharmaceutical company that is ready to help get you where you need to be. Hi-Tech has a cGMP facility that will keep you up to date on all new regulatory hurdles your company faces.

Feel confident that all products produced by Hi-Tech will be to your exact specifications! Increase your quality and decrease you cost! Yes- that’s right- you will save money by avoiding the middle man and buying directly from Hi-Tech. We import all our own raw material, which dramatically decreases your cost. We also do not add overhead to our bid on your product as we let our brand of products absorb those costs. We are not your typical manufacturer. Reveal to us your wildest dreams and we will help make them a reality! We welcome any challenge, and we guarantee our lead times are the shortest in the industry (72 hours-1 week typically)!

Hi-Tech has impressive capabilities to private label your company’s products. On an annual basis, Hi-Tech can manufacture 22 billion tablets on our (25) tablet presses and 6 billion capsules on our (13) encapsulators. Hi-Tech can also package 500 million bottles, 250 million cans, 250 million blister packs, and 100 million pacquettes. We also maintain several million dollars worth of inventory of more than 1,000 different raw materials, ensuring quick “turn times” for our customers. Our quality control is rigorous. Incoming raw materials are subject to as many as 20 tests for purity and potency. Satisfaction is guaranteed by our “In Process Quality Control,” which ensures compliance with product specification throughout each stage of manufacturing. This means dealing with us enables you to feel more confident that you are buying only the highest quality products available.