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Questions? Call us at 888-855-7919.
Questions? Call us at 888-855-7919.


$ 29.99

1.M.R™: A Time-Tested Powerhouse Preworkout Legend

1.M.R™ was developed and redeveloped for one reason only – To shatter your goals with intensity and energy. This monster of a pre-workout contains clinically studied ingredients such as Glycerol, Mucuna Pruriens, Theobromine, Theacrine®, Dynamine™, and Caffeine to help maximize your potential and reach new heights in your daily training. BPI Sports has revolutionized the supplement landscape and is continuing to do so with the 1.M.R™ scientifically formulation. Key compounds deliver powerful energy and endurance, enabling users to push performance further and reach peak potential. 1.M.R™ contains clinically researched and patented ingredients including Glycerol, Theobromine, Theacrine, and Dynamine™, offering athletes increased physical endurance, quicker recovery, mental and physical energy, heightened cognitive-boosting effects for better performance.