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Questions? Call us at 888-855-7919.
Questions? Call us at 888-855-7919.


$ 49.99
  • Potentiates Lower Insulin Resistance 
  • Contains High Anabolic Factors
  • Allows Better Weight Control Abilities


The advent of Glucose Disposal Agents are considered to be one of the most exiting advances in nutritional supplements in quite some time. The ability to control the release of insulin during high carbohydrate meals can mean the difference between storing excess body fat or being lean and healthy.

Partition Elite™ works by controlling the rate of insulin produced by the pancreas while eating foods rich in carbohydrates. Insulin is our delivery mechanism, anything attached to it such as a carbohydrate molecule, will be transported to muscle and fat cells at a very high rate of speed. As an athlete, we need to be able to supply the body with just the right amount of nutrients for optimal performance. Partition Elite™ will help ensure that no excess carbohydrates become unwanted stored body fat. 

We suggest Partition Elite™ for both men and women taking their performance, their health and wellness seriously. Take Partition Elite™ with high carbohydrates meals and you’ll begin to see the difference in how you look and feel every day. 

Featured Benefits: 

Cinnulin P®A natural cinnamon extract, this compound is extensively studied with amazing results in humans. Most commonly used for its impact on insulin, studies show it is capable of significantly reducing blood sugar levels, body fat percentage and even increasing lean body mass. A study in 2001 showed the polyphenolic polymers found in this ingredient to increase glucose metabolism by as much as twenty times more efficiently. The active ingredients work by supporting glucose transport by enhancing insulin signaling pathways. In short, it forces your body to jack up insulin secretion.

Aurora Blue™: A proprietary complex of Alaska Vaccinium berries includes four different types of blueberries as well as bilberry. Analytical testing has shown this patented complex contains ten times the bioactive compounds (mainly anthocyanins) and antioxidant capacity of traditional blueberry extracts. Anthocyanins are potent insulin secretagogues which have shown to increase insulin secretion by 140%.

Grains of Paradise (6-paradol): Most commonly used as a weight loss agent, 6-paradol has shown incredible potency for glycose utilization. It works by increasing AMPK phosphorylation, which in turn has been shown to reduce blood glucose (by shuttling the glucose into hungry muscle cells) and body weight in numerous studies.

Super Berberine™: While most commonly use high doses of weak and poorly bioavailable Berberine extracts, Partition Elite™ utilizes a unique and novel SUPER Berberine. While the name might sound funny, this upgrade of Berberine encased in a cluster dextrin + sodium caprate delivery system allows for significantly increase bioavailability along with direct diffusion of the Berberine through the epithelial cells in the intestines. This means immediate increased blood levels, leading to faster insulin level increases and response times, allowing this product hit more like REAL insulin; hard and fast.

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid: With so many ingredients in this formula jacking up insulin secretion, one might ask “what happens when insulin receptors desensitize?” Traditionally, the body would become less and less sensitive to insulin (mimicking the response of a diabetic), whereas Partition Elite™ utilizes the most potent form of ALA with R-ALA to directly and powerfully enhance insulin receptor sensitivity. This allows the remaining active ingredients to impact maximum anabolic effects with each and every dose.

Bitter Melon: Like with many herbal extracts, Bitter Melon contains numerous bioactive compounds which all contribute to its overall effects. These compounds include those like Momordicine, Charantin, and Polypeptide-p which have each shown the ability to act similarly to insulin in the body, directly lowering blood sugar levels and shuttling nutrients into muscle cells.